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  • Current Location:Boyle, Kentucky, United States
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About Jacobsmom

I am a stay at home mother and wife who enjoys many pastimes. I am an avid scrap booker, crafter, and enjoy reading, writing, crocheting, baking and decorating. I love my family more than anything and am a pretty simple person. I like meeting new people and learning new things as well.

Genres that Jacobsmom is into:

  • Biography
  • Classics
  • Crime fiction
  • Fiction
  • Science fiction

jacobsmom's Latest Reviews

  • A Review of Bag of Bonesbyjacobsmom
    • Bag of Bones
    • Jacobsmom reviewed this book on 18/08/2012
    • "I really liked this book and I'm not usually a huge fan of Stephen King. It had some twists to it that I wasn't expectin..." Read more

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