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Azna35's Profile

  • Current Location:Liberty, Stoddard, Missouri, United States
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About Azna35

I believe this world is filled with wonder and possibilites of ancient writings of improved way of life to surface and breathe new beliefs into manifested behaviors. I 'm a poet by nature and devouer the written word, love it! i perfer the enlightened authors. LIVE IN A BIBLE-BELT-WAY-OF-LIFE so wish to change & expand the readers and suject of books. Experience is the true knowledge to a peaceful exstince.

Genres that Azna35 is into:

  • Art and design
  • Children and teenagers
  • Children's books: 7 and under
  • Children's books: 8-12 years
  • Classics
  • Fantasy
  • Film
  • Health, mind and body
  • History
  • House and garden
  • Literary criticism
  • Literary fiction
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Poetry
  • Reference and languages
  • Romance
  • Science and nature
  • Science fiction
  • Stage
  • Travel guides
  • TV and radio