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About MeBookLover

Okay, so basically I'm a book-lover - more than anything else. I love to read, all my free time.....I like to sit with a book in my hands and a warm cup of coffee.... I'm a little bit of an introvert, though I love spending time with friends. Apart from reading books, I love listening to music and watching movies sometimes. My favorite place in the world is the library, I love to spend time amidst books, with books. I like to read all kinds of genres....though I have my favorites :)

Genres that MeBookLover is into:

  • Children and teenagers
  • Chick lit
  • Classics
  • Comics and graphic novels
  • Crime fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Film
  • History
  • Literary fiction
  • Music
  • Poetry
  • Romance
  • Science fiction
  • Teen books
  • Thrillers

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