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About HolliB

I like Books! My favourite author is Jodi Picoult at the moment.

Genres that HolliB is into:

  • Crime fiction
  • Fiction
  • Science and nature
  • Science fiction

HolliB's Latest Reviews

  • A Review of Cross BonesbyHolliB
    • Cross Bones
    • HolliB reviewed this book on 21/03/2012
    • "Definitely one of the more fascinating of the Tempe Brennan series. I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline, despite it being..." Read more

  • A Review of Lone WolfbyHolliB
    • Lone Wolf
    • HolliB reviewed this book on 21/03/2012
    • "Another lovely novel from Jodi Picoult. Her writing is fabulous, and I am always so impressed at how she seems to captur..." Read more

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  • Novel Reads
    • Club: Novel Reads
    • Location: Guildford, Surrey, England, United Kingdom
    • Reading: World Without End (+ 1 more)

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