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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I interact with people on

You can create your own book clubs, look for people with similar tastes to you, ask to join existing clubs, send messages to each other, chat live, search for people that live close to you. The network has been designed to help facilitate friendship and open discussions.

Why should I create my own book club?

The best way to interact with other members is to set up your own book club and invite your friends into the party! When creating a club, you will be able to show what you like, the books you are interested in reading and it will make it easy for like minded people to find you.

I am new to how can I find a book club ?

To find a book club simply go on the Menu Option "My Community >> Find a Book club" then you are given many options to filter down your search:

  • By location (Country / City / PostCode). But if you are only interested in an "online only" book club just tick the box "I'm only interested in meeting up online."
  • By book club name or keyword (i.e. type "Vampire" if you are interested in book clubs specifically created around this theme)
  • You can then refine your search even more using Distance / Age Group / Gender filters...

How do I join an existing book club?

Go to the book club page you are interested in, click on the "Apply to join club" (located on the Top Right corner of the page) and the book club moderator will receive a notification.

Do I have to be registered to create a book club?

Yes, but it’s quick, easy and free, and we promise not to spam you!

Can I buy books through the website?

Once you are on a book page, you can click on the "Buy this book on Amazon" button and you will automatically be redirected to the Amazon website where you can complete your purchase.

Why is updating my profile so important?

When looking for reading buddies it’s important to look for common traits or shared interests and your own profile will allow you to define who you are, where you live and what you like.

Some tips for making it easier for people to find you:

  • Upload a great profile photo (or use your Facebook profile pic)
  • Add books to your virtual bookshelves
  • Update the literary genres you are into
  • Use a unique description

Why should I put a picture on my profile?

  • The Profile page is a very important place for other people to get to know you and to invite you to join their club or engage in a discussion.
  • The picture is what gives first impressions; if you don’t want to put a picture, put an image which describes you or what you like best.

How do I search for people?

  • To search for people simply go on the Menu Option "My Community >> Search for People" then you are given options to search for a specific Username (Alias) or Location.
  • You can also filter down the perimeter to specific Literary Genres.
  • You can also simply look for people who have the same interests in books, at the book page level and reach out to them.
  • You can also find People by looking at members of book clubs you are interested in
  • Or simply browse around the website in the My Community page and look at random individual profiles (We have a cool "Lucky Dip" section!)

How do I manage my bookshelves?

  • When you find a book, just choose which shelf you want the book to be in. There are four shelves (Favourite, Currently Reading, Recently read and Want to Read)’s that easy.

How do I add / remove books from my bookshelves?

When you find a book, you will see four icons, (Favourite, Currently Reading, Recently read and Want to Read), make your choice and the book will go to the referred bookshelf. The same way, if you want to remove the book, click again on the icon you clicked before, then the book will be removed...or you can move from one shelf to another simply clicking on other icon.

You can also give the book a rating out of 5 stars within the same interface.

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