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Making Reading Fun

Making Reading Fun
  • Current Location:Essex, New Jersey, United States
  • Club Membership Gender Preference:Either
  • Club Membership Age-group Preference:Under 16
  • How This Club Meets Up:Real World + Online

About This Club

Hi I Am Chloe,

Now I am not sure about you but I am not the type who is completely obsessed with reading and gets straight As in English class.I am a normal 11 year old girl with 11 year old friends and an 11 year old life. My book club is available to anyone who wants to join but is mostly geared towards 10-16 year old of any gender. Now notice how I said my book club in the last sentence? Well I want to make it our book club, you know a safe environment who meets at starbucks and talks and has fun! We can meet online or in person and if you don't like the book we choose we'll change it! Anyone can nominate a book and if we decide together that we like it we will start it at a pace that works for everyone. We will try to make the dates we meet so everyone is happy but I know I am a busy person between school and friends so if you miss one meeting don't sweat it, we'll just catch you up next time.We will meet about once a month on weekends at a time that everyone agrees on. Okay I will be honest I can not talk non-stop for hours and hours about a fricking book... so um well if we get a little tiny bit off topic I am not gonna punish you. Being in a book club might get you extra credit in school or on your parents good side, whatever your situation is I got you bro.


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