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Announcement #2 8/6/2012

    • AB1914
    • AB1914 August 7, 2012 12:27 AM

      We recognize all of you need need more time. So, if you could suggest our next book by Wednesday of Next week. August, 15, 2012 that would be awesome!

      Hello Everyone,

      If you have not already please create a profile on this book club website. Conscientia Reading Group. Future communications will be disseminated through this medium.

      A thank you to Ariel and Kristin for their thoughts and suggestions.

      So the summer is flying by. Our first meeting took place. I am told it was a good discussion. I am sorry I could not make it but I will be at the next gathering! Here are the thoughts that were shared following the discussion. I am also posting an announcement in Conscientia.

      If you know of anyone that may be interested in participating, please feel free to invite them.


      -Based on the conversation had at the first reading group meeting, book proposals will take place as follows moving forward:

      After each Saturday group meeting, all group participants will have three days to email Arian their book suggestions for the following group meeting. Please email Arian the following within the three day timeframe: the title of the book, a blurb on the author, and a synopsis of the book. Arian will then create a Survey Monkey with the proposed books and post the link on Conscientia for the group to vote on.

      Arian will then count the votes and post the next book to be read on Conscientia. This entire process will take no longer than a week, so that everyone can purchase and read the next book in a timely manner. In consideration of the fact that there has been a lapse in time since the last meeting, the group will have until August 7 to send Arian book suggestions for the next meeting.

      -The date of the next reading group gathering will remain as listed on the original proposal, Saturday, September 15.

      -Whoever suggested the book will lead in facilitating the discussions, unless he or she is firmly opposed to doing so.

      -Lastly, if you have not signed up to receive automatic email notifications in your Conscientia inbox, please do so, in order to decrease turn around time for responses.


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