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Between The Covers Book Club

Between the Covers Book Club
  • Current Location:Cook County, Illinois, United States (60614)
  • Club Membership Gender Preference:Either
  • Club Membership Age-group Preference:26-39
  • How This Club Meets Up:Real World Only

About This Club

Welcome to the Between the Covers Book Club. This is a social book club for readers who want to meet others to discuss books in an open forum.

I started this club because I love to read but I found that I wasn’t as motivated as I was back in college when most my reading was for discussions with other students. I realized that the fun and social element of the discussions was a great motivator for me. With that in mind, I started this book club with those same college friends to give us the structure and motivation to back to reading for pleasure. In starting this club, we realized this would be a great way to meet other like-minded people in Chicago who are looking for a similar intellectual and social outlet. This club consists of young professionals from around the city and has expanded exponentially since we started back in 2011.

The way the club works is very simple: we choose a book by voting on suggestions from members at the meeting, then meet up a month later to talk about it with abundant drinks and snacks. The cornerstone philosophies of this club are to have fun, make reading enjoyable and productive, and to meet new people.

Check us out on Goodreads! If you are interested in joining, please send me a message and I'll follow up with details.

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