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All About Erase

All About Erase
  • Current Location:Scott County, Minnesota, United States (55372)
  • Club Membership Gender Preference:Either
  • Club Membership Age-group Preference:Any Age
  • How This Club Meets Up:Online Only

About This Club

This is the official book club hosted by J Y Barris, author of the disturbingly aspiring psychological thriller - Erase. Anyone from anywhere is free to join to discuss the book and any of her upcoming work.

Erase is a gripping tale that will make you rethink human nature and question morality. It will surprise you and haunt you in your sleep. If you haven't read it yet, get it here:

More info on:

Live chat is open on the first Friday of every month at 8p.m. Central Time (USA). The next official meeting is on Feb 1st, 2019. Members can feel free to join in to chat and post discussions relating to Erase at any time.


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