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Status: Open for new members


  • Current Location:Kings, New York, United States (11203)
  • Club Membership Gender Preference:Either
  • Club Membership Age-group Preference:26-39
  • How This Club Meets Up:Real World + Online

About This Club

Once the group has come to an agreement on which book is to be read, there will be weekly reading assignments for each member of the "AGREE TO DISAGREE" BOOK CLUB.

A chapter or more must be read in a weeks time. Take notes on the chapters read, so whenever we have a online/face to face meet everyone's ready to AGREE TO DISAGREE. I don't want us to just memorize what's going on in the book i would like for us to become that main character or characters and talk about how you would handle situations in the story. Along with recommendations at the end of meetings. This should be a fun exciting experience for all, why not have a cocktail during the meetings;). Enjoy!

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