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Seeds of Discovery (Dusk Gate Chronicles Book 1) by Breeana Puttroff

Seeds of Discovery (Dusk Gate Chronicles Book 1)
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  • Quinn Robbins wasn't the kind of girl who had adventures. She wasn't even the kind of girl who got invited to parties at Bristlecone High School. And she definitely wasn't the kind of girl who would follow a boy she knew nothing about over a broken bridge into a mysterious alternate universe.
    Until the night she did.
    Now, trapped for ten days with a boy who never wanted her there, Quinn finds a strangely welcoming reception from the rulers of the kingdom. Just as she's beginning to unravel the secrets of this extraordinary new land, a mysterious threat puts all their lives in danger, and Quinn may hold the key to saving everyone.
    Quinn is about to discover that the best adventures are the ones you never expected.
    Fully feeling the weight of her stupidity, she climbed the four crumbling stone steps toward the end of the broken-off bridge.This time, she did not hold back or hesitate. She closed her eyes and stepped forward. Expecting only a loss of balance and the resulting short drop into the cold water below, she was surprised when it didn't come. There was solid stone underneath her right foot. Maybe she had missed. When a second attempt with her left foot also failed to produce an icy-cold plunge into the stream, she opened her eyes.

    Seeds of Discovery is the first book in the beloved Dusk Gate Chronicles. Find out for yourself why readers are falling in love with Quinn, William, and the rest of the Rose family.
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