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A review of A Room with a View (Classic Collection (Brilliance Audio)) by Rustyy

A review of A Room with a View (Classic Collection (Brilliance Audio))


By Rustyy (created: 31/07/2018)

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Knowing that E. M. Forster's personal mission seems to have been giving prominence to class differences and hypocrisy brings me more appreciation for this 1908 narrative. The book opens with a young Englishwoman, Lucy Honeychurch, on holiday in Florence, Italy. This novel is one of many that arose in a search for popular books for high school students. (Sometimes books end up on these lists merely because the protagonist is young, as is Ms. Honeychurch.) I need to refine my search because I am looking for young people who might serve as character-models or inspiration to other youths, and Ms. Honeychurch would be overburdened were she asked to serve in this capacity. This young lady hardly knows her own mind, has few opinions, and patiently awaits others to decide for her or to tell her what is appropriate. She most certainly represents the state that women found themselves in the early 20th century, but compared to our current youth, who proclaim to know their own minds, have opinions about situations that they have yet to experience, and impatiently put up with others, Ms. Honeychurch might pose more of a frustration than inspiration. True, it is a coming of age story but one for a different generation. Having said all that, I will confess that there is a sweetness here, but from a practical stand point, it is not the book I was looking for.

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A Room with a View (Classic Collection (Brilliance Audio))

A Room with a View (Classic Collection (Brilliance Audio))

E. M. Forster

A classic romance and social critique by the acclaimed author of "Howard's End" and "A Passage to India" Originally published in 1908, "A Room with a View" was one of E. M. Forster's earliest works and today has become one of his most famous. Set in ...

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