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A review of The Ways of White Folks (Vintage Classics) by Langston Hughes (1990-09-12) by JRahming

A review of The Ways of White Folks (Vintage Classics) by Langston Hughes (1990-09-12)


By JRahming (created: 25/09/2017)

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I recently read Langston Hughes, “The Ways of White Folks”. I have known of Langston Hughes since a child and even read a poem once or twice, but this was my first time reading one of his books. Presented as a collection of short stories, Hughes elucidates various cloaked behaviors of "White Folks", towards African people. The stories sample the perspectives of “white folks” from all economic classes. He projects some stunning revelations.
I recommend this book for young adults. If the stories were presented in a movie, it would probably be rated PG-13. At 255 pages the book is not short, but some areas are so fast paced, it makes for a quick afternoon read. The setting of the book seems like the 1920s to 1930s.
The stories are so compelling one becomes emotionally invested, before you realize it. I found it difficult, at times, to reconcile the “ways” described in 1934 (year of publication) and the experiences that I personally endured or witnessed. For some of the stories I could bare-witness, the attitudes still exist to this day. I am going to try another Langston Hughes book soon.

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