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A review of The Lunar Chronicles: Cinder by atiaazmi

A review of The Lunar Chronicles: Cinder


By atiaazmi (created: 06/09/2017)

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I'm actually looking for the whole Lunar Chronicles Collection to review but since Cinder is the first book of the whole Chronicles, I'm just gonna put Cinder here (but I'll be reviewing as a whole).

I guess it's because I'm not much exposed to this kind of genre but I believe the concept of the whole chronicles is incredible for a lot of reasons. Mainly, I was impressed and amused by the adaptation of Disney (Fairytale) Princesses which would definitely attract a fairytale fan like me.

What did I mean? Alright, let me compartmentalize it.

(Book 1) Cinder refers to Cinderella.
(Book 2) Scarlet refers to Red Riding Hood.
(Book 3) Cress is Rapunzel.
(Book 4) Fairest - Queen Levana is the Evil Queen (the fairest of them all).
(Book 5) Winter is Snow White.
(Book 6) Stars Above

Can you believe it? How can anybody hate a series with all these childhood fairytale princesses. There's so many references to the Disney movies which I thoroughly enjoyed reading them eg. Scarlet wears her red hood everywhere she goes and her grandmother died because of a wolf.

The setting is absolutely incredible. Did I tell you this isn't a common olden days where there are no cars and the princesses are interacting with animals? Nope, all of the cars are in the museum. They're all commuting with their own pods (flying cars) and their maids are all androids. Let me emphasize this once again, The Lunar Chronicles is about MODERNIZED fairtytale princesses which is definitely on a whole new level. I'm absolutely impressed with the way Marissa Meyer managed to modify the fairytales and modernize it to suit the storyline. Trust me, your jaw will be dropped and you'll certainly finish each book in one sitting (like me except Winter because it's thicker than the rest).

The chronicles encompass around the crisis between the Earthens and the Lunar (the Moon) (especially the Evil Queen who has the power to hypnotize the Earthens). Cinder, who is the heir of the Lunar build armed forces with the rest of the princesses to fight against the Evil Queen and retrieve back her deserving throne. Along the way to fight the Queen Levana, they had to go through struggles and complications before they're finally equipped enough to start the war with the Queen.

The series focuses on the element of oppression by an authoritarian government. The whole Lunar nations have to obey the Queen's orders or else, they'll be punished with the most brutal punishment. I won't be subtle about it. The way the government segregated the nations into districts and classes and forbid them from communicating with each other with such restricted sources to sustain themselves, it's a call to the world that the way the Queen's government is conducting is the way we are living right now without us noticing it. It's more to a call of revolution to change the government in standing up to our own human rights and protections like we naturally deserve.

Undeniably, the ones closest to the government would be given priority and privileges unlike the commoners and poor. The poor would easily be oppressed and they would be likely to get punished because of a single mistake because of their lack of connections and power. They want to topple the government yet they're too terrified to start the rebellion alone because of the punishment awaiting for them.

As a whole, anybody who loves fantasy, love and gripping tale would definitely enjoy and love the chronicles as I do. There's actually so many things for me to say but I'm so overwhelmed at the moment because I don't know where to start. Just, go and read them because Marissa Meyer really outdid herself this time.

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