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A review of [ A Thousand Splendid Suns ] [ A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS ] BY Hosseini, Khaled ( AUTHOR ) May-22-2007 Paperback by atiaazmi

A review of [ A Thousand Splendid Suns ] [ A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS ] BY Hosseini, Khaled ( AUTHOR ) May-22-2007 Paperback


By atiaazmi (created: 05/08/2017)

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Thousands of Splendid Suns is one of my favorite book written by Khaled Hosseini. It's my first book by him and I fell in love with everything about the book. This one is certainly about the hardship of life in middle east. It was filled with betrayal, love, pain and endurance.

The last time I read the book was probably a month ago. Yes, it's the kind of book that I would always reread over and over. I'll just give you the snippets of the summary of the book. If you dislike spoilers, don't read this.

The book began with a little girl named Maryam who was loved by her father but living with a cynic mother. Her mother often spat to her face that she was born out of wedlock and she had no place in the community. Her mother didn't let her to go to school or learn. Why? Because a bastard child will be hated regardless how successful they are. I despised her mother's negativity and cynicism especially towards innocent, little Maryam. She was a bright girl who jumped at the sight of her Ustadh and lit up when her father came for a visit (yes they lived separately). Maryam's life turned upside down when her mother died of suicidal and her father accepted an old man's proposal to marry Maryam. Maryam, at the age of 12 got married to a 40 year-old man.

And this is the start of the of it all. Maryam grew to like her married life for a short while when she found how charming her husband turned out to be but, as soon as Maryam was miscarriaged, the whole marriage became a nightmare.

I was broken throughout the whole book, longing for Maryam. She deserved so much happiness in her life even just for a moment. Towards the end of the book, I teared up knowing Maryam had never truly experienced what happiness is in her life. Thanks to Laila (her husband's second wife) who managed to melt the cold side of Maryam and made her smile again. But she was only happy for a short while. Maryam decided to let Laila and her son and daughter live and let herself die. She was, like her mother, hanged to death but this time, it wasn't out of suicide but because she killed her evil husband.

The love Maryam had for Laila was a pure love of a mother to a daughter. It's a shame Maryam didn't want to escape with Laila and chose to be arrested by the authorities. I was sad to learn that Maryam could have chosen to start a whole new life forgetting everything that had happened for the past years.

Laila looked up to Maryam so much regardless their cold shoulders at the beginning of their encounter but as they grew close together, Laila had fallen in love with Maryam as if Maryam was her own mother.

I cried reading the very last sentence of the book. Laila and Tariq (Laila's new husband) were choosing names for their new baby and the sentence reads,

"If the baby is a girl, Laila already knows what to call her." The author didn't need to tell what's the name would be because instantly, we know, it's Maryam.
(not the exact line because i dont have the book with me right now but basically this is what it says)

The connection between Maryam and Laila in the book was unbelievably touching. I was moved by their loves and the sacrifices they made which really warmth the heart. It's a shame, really that Maryam didn't meet Laila earlier but at least, Laila's wittiness and courage affected Maryam's life to realize that women's lives should not be dictated by men/husband.

I gave out too much about the book but Khaled Hosseini's writing is exceptionally beautiful and it is a real shame if you didn't read his book. It's the kind of book that tells you that lives aren't always gonna be fairytales and prince charming.

It thought me to be grateful with our lives. At least, we knew what it's like to be in school, having friends, fell in love and struggle in studies but not Maryam. She was thought to be an obedient wife at the age of 12. She got separated with the only person she confided in (her childhood ustadh). Her father who she thought admirable married her to an old man who portrays nothing like a good husband. Maryam was miscarriaged 7 times and was abhorred by her own husband until the end of his own life. She was hit, smacked and insulted every day even though all she did was, breathing.

Always be thankful of your life because you definitely do not want to have a life like Maryam; the girl who never understands what is happiness.

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[ A Thousand Splendid Suns ] [ A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS ] BY Hosseini, Khaled ( AUTHOR ) May-22-2007 Paperback

[ A Thousand Splendid Suns ] [ A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS ] BY Hosseini, Khaled ( AUTHOR ) May-22-2007 Paperback

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