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A review of The Buried Book by NaomiMae

A review of The Buried Book


By NaomiMae (created: 14/04/2017)

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Okay so you see this book. Your not really sure what to think. Give it a chance! The story of nine-year-old Jasper will send your heart racing and at times tears rolling down your checks. I do not even know how to describe the emotions you feel as you continue to turn the pages never knowing what's going to happen next but hoping that this boy will find his mother who so cruelly abandoned him at his uncles farm saying nothing to the young boy. The twists and turns of this boy and his dreams will lead you down a path of wanting him to find her and hating her all at the same time. This is a great read and you wont want to put your book down!

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The Buried Book

The Buried Book

D. M. Pulley

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