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A review of Levels of Life by stthomaslibrary

A review of Levels of Life

This is a strange, rather unusual non-fiction book in that it starts by talking about the early pioneers or aeronautical ballooning, goes on to the loves of Sarah Bernhardt, a French actress and then moves onto the death of Julian Barnes’ wife.
The first sentence in the book reads as follows “You put together two things that have not been put together before and the world is changed.” This is certainly what he does. He manages to link all these aspects together in order to understand what his life means without his wife, and in so many ways this works. However it is rather discomforting in that the reader must go along with some unusual connections.
As usual Julian Barnes’ writing is wonderful. Working his way through the early days after his wife’s sad death and understanding every minutia of his feelings is superbly written. His Grief is unflinchingly observed and recorded. It is raw, honest and an astonishing piece of writing. But not for everyone.

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Levels of Life

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