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A review of Gray Mountain by stthomaslibrary

A review of Gray Mountain

Interesting but unsatisfying. Grisham returns to his theme of "little people" versus "big corporations". After the collapse of Lehrmann Bros.Samantha Kofer is offered a furlough package from her New York law firm which has to downsize. She has to work as an unpaid intern for a year with the promise of her job back afterwards. She ends up in a Legal Aid clinic in Appalachia - mining country and meth country. There is a lot of detail about strip mining and the ecological damage it causes and Samantha deals with various cases arinsing from its effects. The thread throughout is a devastating case against one mining company which relies on illegally obtained documents. However this is never resolved! A follow up book perhaps!

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Gray Mountain

Gray Mountain

John Grisham

Gray Mountain

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