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A review of Sleepers by amandanichols

A review of Sleepers

I have seen the movie a number of times and finally read the book this year,

The story was a harrowing one exploring the effects of how life can change in an incident with a minor mistake of childhood play. After a childhood prank that ends in the death of a local vendor, the four friends of the book are sentenced to a brutal juvenile prison where the prison guards abuse them in horrific ways. This book is detailed as to the emotional, physical and mental abuse the boys endure. It's a memoir based on the author's own experiences, I believe, and although some 'authorities' have questioned its truth but some of the most harrowing things in history have tried to be covered up and brushed aside. But the truth lies in those who have lived such situations and a voice will be heard for those have suffered at the hands of such abuse.

This book will always stay with me and I highly recommend this book

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Lorenzo Carcaterra

An unforgettable true story of friendship, loyalty and revenge. They were four boys who shared everything - the laughter and bruises of an impoverished upbringing in New York's West Side. Then one of their pranks misfired - a man nearly died and they...

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