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A review of A Step of Faith (Walk (Richard Paul Evans)) by chattydorothy

A review of A Step of Faith (Walk (Richard Paul Evans))

the fourth installment of Richard Paul Evans' "The Walk" series. Like the first three books follows the story of Alan Christopherson. A man who has lost literally everything. But he doesn't realize what he still has, the friendship of his previous assistant Falene. She is enraptured by him and Alan doesn't see it even though she stands by his side through all his struggles including a brain tumor. After his surgery Falene gets the courage up to tell Alan how she feels... although he has feelings for her, Alan will not allow himself to get emotionally attached to another woman after the death of his wife. Feeling the sting of rejection Falene hops on a jet and leaves without telling Alan where she's gone.

Later Alan recovers from his brain surgery while staying with his father. They start to repair the relationship that has been so strained over the years. Soon Alan resumes his venture toward Key West, Florida and on the way he meets some very interesting feats. Including a run in with a cult.

I give this book a 6/10. While enjoyable, I felt that it was not one of Evans' best works. I felt the storyline dragged in some places.

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