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A review of One Breath Away by bibliomaniac

A review of One Breath Away

I chose to read this book because the reviews claimed that it's thrilling and captivating and felt that the storyline could be greatly affecting. I mean, we are always hearing about hostage situations or shootings at schools/businesses (just turn on the news and it's happening somewhere in our country) and when it does, we are usually glued to the tv/radio for more information about the situation. We care deeply and empathize with 'what those people must be going through.'

Heather Gudenkauf tries to give us that insight with this book. She writes from the perspective of 5 different characters. You should feel like you know each one on a more personal level, gaining an inside look of their lives, thoughts and feelings; However, I found myself thinking that wasn't the case.

Sure, she writes about some of their regrets and things they would do differently, but a lot of the characters information are trivial details and I felt like it was unrelated to the main plot. Not to mention that she shifts from first person to third person with some of the characters points of view, which can be a bit confusing. I actually found myself skimming over some of the paragraphs because they did not relate to the story and seemed more like the author was trying to meet a predetermined minimum word count.

I did finish this book in one sitting, only because I kept thinking that maybe in the next pages something will happen to escalate this slow read. I felt that the story was flat and lacked depth. For me, the deepest, most thought provoking line of the book is "We're always one breath away from something, living or dying, sometimes it just can't be helped."

I was thoroughly disappointed because a storyline like this could have been terrifyingly gripping had she just taken us there. This was the first time I have read any works by this author and will probably be that last based on this book.

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One Breath Away

One Breath Away

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