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A review of Hit Hard by bibliomaniac

A review of Hit Hard

I realized after finishing this book that it is #2 of a series, but the story can definitely stand alone. From the very beginning this book was non-stop action! There was so much going on that I found it to be a quick read.

The only negative was there were so many different characters and groups (CIA, FBI, Terrorist groups, ect...) to keep track of that it was a little confusing, especially since each chapter would cover multiple storylines. I found myself backtracking and rereading to clarify who was who.

However, the main characters are engaging and the female lead is someone we all can identify with in one way or another since she has many layers. Hey, what woman wouldn't lust after an independantly contracted hot ex-marine on a top secret mission that she coincidentally crosses paths with? ;)

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Hit Hard

Hit Hard

Amy J. Fetzer

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