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The Awesome Book Club

The Awesome Book Club
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  • Club Membership Age-group Preference:Any Age
  • How This Club Meets Up:Online Only

About This Club

A convenient way for us to share our mutual love of books. To discuss, dissect and diss (when necessary) a variety of literature, from classics to contemporary, domestic and foreign, and in any genre desired.

1. Each book will be suggested by a different member of the group. The person who proposes said book needs to be able to provide it in an online or pdf format, whether accessed free, purchased or scanned from hard copy. All books must be provided in the English language, so discussion can also involve linguistic and grammar commentary.
2. There will be a time-span for the books to be read, and ONLY THEN will discussion on them be initiated, so it's fair to all members.
2.1. The time-span will depend on the number of book pages as follows: 1 week for a book of up to 200 pages; 2 weeks for a book of up to 400 pages; 3 weeks for a book of 600 pages and a maximum of one month for over 600 pages long.
2.2. In the event too many people have other commitments or are unable to read the book in the time-span suggested, a longer period of time shall be agreed upon for the book to be finished.
2.3. Discussion shall then be opened on said book and will remain open indefinitely. However, most active discussion is expected to be undertaken in the period before the next book suggested for reading is finished.
3. Discussion shall be free and lack moderation, in case: a) it is free of attacks towards other members; b) it is free of improper behaviour; and c) any other similar inappropriate action. Vulgarities and foul language shall be allowed but ONLY in reference to the book's content and IN MODERATION.
4. Should one of the members not wish to read a certain book, they are not required to do so. In the event that a book suggested does not incur enough readers, it shall not be discussed. HOWEVER, for the purposes of fairness and understanding, all members are urged to read other people's suggestions, not just the ones proposed by themselves.
5. Finished books will be put on the 'recently read' shelf ONLY AFTER they have been discussed. 'Currently reading' shelf shall include the next book suggested for reading. All the books suggested for future readings shall be on the 'Want to read' shelf until picked for reading, when they shall be re-located to the 'Currently reading' shelf.

To keep things simple and orderly, the books will be suggested by members in order of their joining (exception makes Natasha De Silva, as her suggestion initially prompted the club). So the order is the following:
1. Natasha De Silva
2. Antoniya Petkova
3. Romantina Shirley
4. Diana Popovici
5. Elena Rapondzhieva
6. Lulu Broccoline
7. Christine Maema

Each following member joining shall be added to the list consecutively and will be able to make a book suggestion when their order number arrives.

Let's get reading!


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